Silkn Personal Laser Hair Removal System Review

The Silkn personal laser hair removal system is the latest line in home hair removal products approved by the FDA for use by you and I to take care of our own unwanted hair problems.

Of course, the ideal is that you have the money and time for professional laser or electrolysis treatment to permanently remove excess hair but most of us don’t have that luxury and the Silkn system fills that gap.

It seems like it will be the perfect solution for hair removal to be able to treat yourself whenever you have time in the comfort of your own home, but is it?

Silkn Hair Removal System

Silkn Hair Removal System

Here is our review of the Silkn at home laser hair removal system – just a few things to think about before you rush out and buy one.

The Silkn is NOT for those with Dark Skin

The Silkn relies on there being and marked difference between the color of the hair and the skin as it targets the dark-colored pigment in hair. If you have dark skin there will not be enough contrast between your skin and hair for a home laser hair removal equipment to work effectively. There are now professional machines which cope better with dark skin but they are not affordable for home use.

The Silkn is NOT for the Face and Neck

The Silkn personal laser hair removal system is safe but it has not been approved for use on the face and neck. A home laser and facial hair removal just don’t go together. You simply don’t want to be messing with laser treatment anywhere near your eyes especially if you are not trained. And to be fair if you are looking to remove hair from these areas, laser hair removal is not your best option. The best permanent solution for small areas like the face is electrolysis.

You can now get a home hair removal product for use on the face called the One Touch. See our One Touch review. Or pay the money and have professional treatment. Other areas of the body which might warrant professional treatment are those which you can’t reach properly yourself (if you don’t have anyone to help) such as your back or the more sensitive regions of the body such as the pubic area. Silkn is great for permanent removal unwanted hair at home however if you would like to treat your legs, arms and/or chest and you can save big bucks just by doing these areas yourself.

The Silkn is NOT for the Impatient

If you expect to zap your hair and never see it again you will be disappointed. (But then you would be disappointed by professional treatment too) Laser hair removal machines treat all the hair over large areas of your body quite quickly and the hair will fall out. From that point of view they are fast. However you can expect quite a lot of regrowth over time. Quite a lot of the hair follicles will have been at the wrong stage in the growth cycle for treatment – and you can’t tell until you see which ones don’t grow back!

If you read buyers’ reviews of the Silkn machine you will find a few people who were expecting more instant results and are therefore not so happy with their purchase.

But if you understand the norm for laser hair removal you will see that you have all the benefits of having the treatment at home – privacy, low-cost, less inconvenience – and similar results you might expect from professional laser treatment but over a longer period of time as the machine is not so powerful as those in salons.

There are not many effective options when it comes to home remedies for permanent hair removal so if you’re interested, find out more details about the Silkn and the latest discounts and deals HERE as well as reading reviews of this effective personal laser hair removal system.

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