Laser Hair Treatment

Going for laser hair treatment is not like going for a facial and massage or getting highlights at the salon. It is a medical procedure in many ways which can be likened to cosmetic surgery, although thankfully there is no knife or incision.

If you go for a consultation be sure to disclose everything that is relevant even if the consultant or technician does not ask.

What information should you give to the laser hair removal center so that they give you the correct hair removal treatment?

Tell the consultant

1. About any skin conditions you have

This can be terribly important to your treatment as it can prevent damage to your skin, even permanent damage by the laser light technology. Make your technician aware of any allergies or problems you have had with your skin in the past or ones you are suffering in the present.

2. Any medical conditions you have

It is always worth mentioning any medical condition that you have even if you have not heard that it might affect your treatment or you don’t think it is serious. It does no harm to ask whether there are any contra-indications which might affect you and mean it is better not to start these hair removal treatments. If you go to a laser treatment clinic they operate under medical supervision and they are the best people to know about any ways laser treatment might harm you.

3. About any sunbathing you have done or plan to do

Any laser hair removal clinic worth using will REFUSE to treat you if you have a suntan or plan to go in the sun or on vacation shortly after treatment (that is within two weeks). Postpone your treatment until your tan has faded for the sake of your skin. The better the contrast between hair and skin the more effective  the treatment will be and the less danger of damage to your skin.

Ask all the Question you need to for Your Laser Hair Treatment

Ask all the Questions you need to for Your Laser Hair Treatment

4. Any concerns or questions

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you like about your situation in particular and laser treatment for hair removal in general. You are paying for the treatment and you deserve to be fully briefed about what to expect from it. Ask for

  • their assessment of your skin type,
  • the type of laser machine that they propose to use and why
  • how you should prepare for the laser treatments
  • what pain relief they provide
  • what results and side-effects to expect or watch out for
  • whether the procedure will result in a permanent reduction in hair growth
  • how many sessions might be required
  • the cost of the treatment
  • any guarantees or policies if hair remains after a full course of hair removal treatment

Many hair removal clinics will give you written notes on how to prepare for laser treatment and what you need to know and watch out for but if you think of anything you forgot to disclose or want to ask something else about your laser hair treatment don’t hesitate to contact your consultant again.

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