Home Laser Hair Removal System

If you prefer to remove hair yourself you have probably longed for an effective home laser hair removal system to remove your unwanted hair permanently and without fuss. It’s very appealing to zap your hair at home and not to have to make tedious appointments at a hair removal clinic.

As there are several laser systems for home use on the market you may think it’s just a case of choosing one and you’re done. But unfortunately most of them are not great so it’s a case of buyer beware.

We have already talked about a few systems in our reviews such as the Silk’n, the Epila and the Rio hair removal system but you may come across others (and we will eventually get around to reviewing them too.

Use a home laser hair removal system for smooth legs

Use a home laser hair removal system for smooth legs

Let us know if you have a particular one you would like us to look at). The problem with this kind of product is that you may find reviews online but many of them are from companies selling the systems rather than from those who bought a particular system doing a genuine consumer review. So don’t believe everything you read.

If you want to see genuine reviews of buyers here’s a link that will take you to the range of laser hair removal products available at Amazon. There you can look at the individual systems and get a feel for which are the good ones.

Be aware however that results will vary and opinions differ with EVERY system and that it is often (although not always) as much to do with the person operating the equipment as the laser hair removal system itself.


  1. Results won’t be instantaneous. Yes, the machine should remove hair with each laser pulse but it may come back if it was not at the right stage of growth to be destroyed. You can’t tell if that it the case by looking at your hair so you just have to keep carrying out the treatment so that you catch hair at the right time until it does not return.
  2. You need to take care with your skin and start at low levels and less sensitive areas until you are used to the process on YOUR skin. You may see a few reviews from those who have hurt their skin a bit so you need to take care. These machines are not toys. It’s a case of getting the balance right between destroying as much hair as possible and leaving your skin as unaffected as possible so go easy with this until you get the right level for you (although I know how tempting it is to want to zap that hair RIGHT NOW!
  3. You also need to have the right type of skin for these machines. Don’t buy a laser hair removal system unless you have the easiest type of hair and skin to treat – fair skin and dark hair. Anything else and you need to go for professional laser treatment instead.

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