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Things change over the years and I have had to update this site concerning home laser hair removal to cover advances in technology in recent years. First, laser hair removal treatment could only be carried out by medical practitioners. Then it was allowed by trained technicians in beauty clinics and spas. And now a home laser hair removal machine or two such as the Silk’n have been approved by the FDA as safe for you and me to operate – and buyers are having good things to say at last!

This means that you no longer need to use an expensive clinic if you don’t have the budget or the time to attend. However you still need to use caution when considering purchasing laser equipment to remove hair.

Save money on laser hair removal

Save money with a machine you use at home

These portable laser hair removal machines use more or less the same technology as those used in many clinics so you need to consider the same factors before embarking on treatment.

Most of all be aware of the type of skin you have – the more contrast between skin and hair the better you will get on with one of these systems and if you have dark skin then it is best to consult a professional rather than risk using home laser equipment. Some clinics have particular equipment which is better for use on dark skin – see previous post Laser Hair Removal Machines. If you have any doubt at all contact a medical practitioner before you treat yourself.

Read and follow the instructions carefully and start off with a small area to be treated on a non-sensitive area of the body such as your legs or arms. If you’re unsure book one professional laser treatment at a clinic so that you know what to expect before you start. Also see our articles on what to expect before, during and after laser treatment – you’ll find them in the Laser Hair Removal section.

For your safety always wear goggles when operating a laser and stop using the laser hair removal machine immediately if you notice adverse side effects on your skin.

Advantages of Using a Home Laser Hair Removal Machine

One advantage is that you can carry out treatment for a significantly lower cost than that involved in going to a specialist clinic. This is especially significant if you are going to treat large areas of your body considering that whether you use a home or professional treatment you will need a number of sessions and often top up treatments every few months (reducing over time). See Cost of Laser Hair Removal for typical costs.

A second advantage is the sheer flexibility of when you carry out your treatment. There is no need for an appointment – you can fit in your treatment at any time in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Another advantage is that you will probably decide to treat areas of your body that are not so “hairy” that you would have considered paying large sums of money for professional treatment. You will end up with beautiful, smoother, more hair-free skin as a result of owning a home machine.

Finally in favor of these machine is that as you perform your treatment you can regulate the intensity yourself so that you get the right balance between your threshold for discomfort and the efficiency of the hair removing process. And you can increase the intensity of the treatment as you get used to it entirely at your own pace.

Disadvantages of Home Laser Hair Removal

The machines currently on the market for home use are not for everyone – if you don’t have a good contrast between your (dark) hair and (fair) skin you need a professional opinion on whether laser treatment is for you and potentially a more specialist laser hair removal machine only available in salons.

If you are not confident in your ability to withstand a little discomfort for the sake of beauty, visit a professional laser hair removal clinic where you will feel better in the hands of a technician trained to deal with pain reduction and nervous clients.

If you want to perform hair removal on your face you are advised to use a professional clinic. (Actually I would advise electrolysis anyway for permanent hair removal on a small area such as the face).

A laser hair removal machine may not be sold unless it has received the approval of the FDA so you know they are safe however you do need to follow the instructions – so if you are the type of person that doesn’t do that – use a clinic!

Once You Decide

If you do decide to go ahead then read what independent buyers thought (good and bad – though generally favorable) about the most popular home laser hair removal machine : Silkn Reviews

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