Which Home Hair Removal Machine?

If you are fed up paying for professional treatments or you just don’t have the budget or time for them then a home hair removal machine makes a lot of sense.

Provided that you buy the right machine (see below) and follow the instructions without wavering you can save a packet and get the smooth skin you desire without having to travel to appointments. Remember, using a hair removal machine at home will still take a bit of time, however. You have to be prepared for that and have patience otherwise your purchase will be a waste of money.

Temporary or Permanent hair Removal?

GiGi Professional Waxing Kit

GiGi Professional Wax Kit

If you are happy with temporary hair removal solutions, you can buy a waxing kit complete with wax warmer machine which will do an effective job of keeping you hair free for weeks at a time.

Waxing hurts, especially when you first do it and are not used to the process, but after the first few attempts you will see that waxing is not that painful, the hair gets weaker and this is a great way of removing hair.

If you want to cut your learning curve, have a professional waxing treatment before you attempt to treat yourself and you find out exactly how the experts do it.

If you are looking for more permanent results you have two options when it comes to home hair removal machines. You can buy an electrolysis kit or a laser hair removal machine.

Electrolysis Machines

One Touch permanent hair remover system

One Touch electrolysis system

With professional electrolysis hair removal each individual hair is subjected to a tiny electric current through a probe which is inserted alongside the hair follicle. This can be painful as you feel each zap of the current though it is bearable. The skin is not pierced as the probe is inserted just a tiny way into the surface of the skin. Once treated the hair should come out quite easily and is removed with tweezers.

There are electrolysis machines for home use which work in the same way. You will find that it takes patience to learn to use them properly and you should always practice on an unobtrusive area like your leg before moving onto a sensitive area like your face especially as you can damage your skin if you do not follow the instructions.

The problem with electrolysis is that it is slow. Bad enough that you have to treat one hair at a time but the fact remains that one treatment may not be enough to remove hair permanently. With this hair removal system, the hair will grow back if you do not treat it when it is in the right stage of growth or if you miss the follicle or if the current is not strong enough. If you persevere however you will eventually kill all the hair follicles for good, which is not true of any other method. If patience is not your strong point, this type of hair removing machine is probably not the best hair removal machine for you.

When you buy an electrolysis machine be careful about the type you buy. Some of the so-called electrolysis hair removal equipment for home use does not have a probe and the sellers create attractive ads promoting pain free hair removal as well as permanent hair removal at home. However, with these hair removal machines, you grasp each hair with electronic tweezers and the electric current is supposed to travel down the hair and kill the follicle without a probe getting anywhere near it. These machines do not work so don’t waste your money.

The most well known brand of electrolysis hair remover machines, which work with a probe is the One Touch. See our One Touch Electrolysis system review for details

Laser Hair Removal Machines For Home Use

epila laser hair removal system

epila laser device

Professional laser hair removal is quicker than electrolysis (by far) as a whole group of hairs are treated with one pulse of the laser. You will still need a number of sessions (probably about six) for best results as you still have to reach the pesky hairs at the right stage of growth. The treatment generally results in a permanent reduction in hair though some hair will often grow back and you will need top up treatments to deal with any regrowth. If you want to cut the cost of laser hair removal treatment which can set you back a thousand or more, why not buy a home laser hair removal machine. These typically cost a few hundred and you can treat yourself over and over, without worrying about the cost of the initial treatment or the top ups.

Of course these home hair removal systems are not as powerful as the ones which cost tens of thousands which professional laser hair removal clinics use and they are generally designed to treat just a few hairs at a time as well so you will need to spend longer treating yourself and the results may not be so dramatic so quickly. But if you understand that and have a bit of patience you can save huge amounts and your whole body can be hair free by treating yourself regularly until the hair is gone in the comfort of your own home. With laser home hair removal, top ups can be done as needed, no need for vast additional expense and inconvenience at the clinic. However take care if you do not have fair skin and dark hair as you may need a specialist machine in a clinic for successful treatment rather than an all-purpose home hair removal machine.

When it comes to choosing home laser hair removal systems, the main thing to watch out for are that the machine is approved by the FDA for home use. This will be true of all machines sold in the US. If you live elsewhere look for an equivalent accreditation in your country especially if advertising standards are not so strict or choose a machine which is approved for the U.S.m, which is also sold in your country. Also look at the number of hairs that can be treated with one pulse as this will determine the time it will take you to treat yourself. Finally check out the reviews on an independent consumer site for any machine you are thinking of buying so you get the best results for your money.

If you are not sure where to begin your search for a home hair removal laser take a look at the Silk’n laser hair removal machine and Rio hair removal system reviews on this site.

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