One Touch Permanent Hair Remover Reviews

You do have to search long and hard for a product which lives up to the title “permanent hair remover” but the One Touch is one of them, though I have to say it has mixed reviews and I hope this article will help you to see why.

Officially called the Clean & Easy One Touch Deluxe Electrolysis system, this is a tiny portable hair removal machine costing around $40. It has been approved as safe for home use and is described as a gentle, safe, fast and effective way to remove hair permanently.

To be honest I think that the advertisers could do with injecting a bit of realism into this because I have to say that this statement sets buyers up with the wrong expectation and disappointment when really they have a little machine on their hands which could herald the end to their hair removal problems.

Let’s take each claim of this permanent home hair removal system in turn and look at the reality

One Touch home hair removal kit

One Touch home hair removal kit

Is the One Touch electrolysis Machine Safe?

The machine is safe when handled correctly but if you don’t read the instructions or spend some time practicing on less sensitive and visible areas of your body you may find you end up with red marks where you least want them to show. In my opinion, no way, should you begin with the machine on your face until you have some expertise in using it. Self adjusting stylet tips means that you can’t pierce your skin and you have an adjustable current to avoid damaging your skin but I would never go above setting 1 until you are completely happy with what you are doing. And then take it one step at a time to find the most effective setting for you.

Is it Gentle?

Well, if you have ever had electrolysis treatment you know it hurts a bit so I’m not sure where the gentle comes into it. If you want to know how the machine feels arrange one short professional electrolysis session at a salon. It will let you know how this thing works and you will have the right expectation. This is electrolysis destroying your hair follicles and permanently removing hair from the root. This is not a soothing facial relaxing type treatment.

Is It Fast?

Given that you treat one hair at a time and each hair takes about 15 seconds to treat, it very much depends how many hairs you are treating. It will take some time to learn to do the process well too. There are certainly disgruntled buyers who don’t take that time and get upset that performing electrolysis on their legs takes too long but if they had professional treatment it would be the same kind of treatment length. The beauty of having the hair removal machine at home is that you can do your treatment in short bursts as and when you have a bit of time. 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there and you will be working towards a hair free state with no need for trips to salon. That is where you really save lots of time.

Is It Effective and Permanent?

Yes, eventually. Be aware that you have to catch each hair at the right stage of growth to permanently destroy it, so don’t fret if you have to go over each hair a couple of times to catch it. The thing is permanent hair removal is tricky whether you are professional or amateur with your One Touch. Only you can know if it is a worthwhile process for you to persevere. I believe if hair growth is upsetting you then a bit of determination and this little low-cost machine will improve your life.

If you decide to purchase a One Touch machine and perform electrolysis hair removal at home here are a few tips from buyers

  • you may want to purchase separate tweezers that suit you rather than use the ones which come with the kit if you find them difficult to use. Different tweezers suit different folks
  • keep some spare stylet tips on hand so that you can replace the tip quickly if you bend one
  • soothe the area after treatment with a tea-tree antiseptic cream which promotes fast healing
  • give your skin a chance to calm down before applying make-up (Don’t treat your face just before going out or before an important occasion)
  • you will need alcohol based antiseptic lotion to keep everything clean

My Review and Summary

On balance, I believe the machine is worth a go especially if you don’t have the budget for expensive salon treatments and you are sufficiently motivated to work on your hairs one by one and get rid of them. The One Touch permanent hair remover truly offers a new lease of life to some people. However if you are looking for something quick, easy and completely painless then this is not for you (and nor is professional electrolysis or any other method of permanent hair removal). See latest prices, discounts and buyers reviews here

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