Home Hair Removal

Removing hair at home is great if you know what you are doing and there are quite a few methods of home hair removal to explore.

With a whole body to care for you, will probably find yourself using quite a few of these methods to suit not just particular parts of the body but also particular times of the year (different methods for summer and winter) and different stages in your life (you may need a different method of hair removal when you suddenly get ultra busy with a new job or a new baby).

Also your budget will have a big impact on the methods you can choose.

There are plenty of home hair removal solutions

There are plenty of home hair removal solutions

Some methods are a buy it once and then you’re set for a good long time (as in the case of some of the hair removal machines) while others you need to continue to buy strips and creams and refills. In any case you will always find removing hair at home cheaper than comparable methods at a salon.

Not only do you save a lot of money by taking care of your own beauty needs but you can manage your routine whenever it is convenient without having to make appointments and get to the salon. This is a big advantage for home hair removal as long as you remember to keep of top of things. Set up a regular routine so you always look good. Even so if you have a hot date and you have neglected things a bit, you can use some of these methods (such as shaving) at the last minute and save the day.

Here are the main home hair removal solutions to choose from.

Shaving This method is usually used for underarms and legs and is quick, easy and cheap but you will get a problem with stubbly regrowth which will mean dealing with your unwanted hair almost daily.
Waxing This is a great way to remove unwanted hair for weeks at a time. With a home hot wax kit you will get almost professional salon results if you are prepared to practice a bit until you get it right. If you want something quick you can get cold wax strips which come with a paper backing. You cut a strip the right size then just peel and stick. As you remove wax strips (whether hot or cold wax is used) it feels like pulling off a sticking plaster so you need the courage to do it quickly!
Epilators These little machines are the unsung heroes of the home hair removal world. I would not be parted from mine. They look like an electric shaver and you move the machine in the same way over your skin but a moving tweezer like action or rotary disks pull the hair out from the roots. Painful? a bit though modern machines have inbuilt pain relief mechanisms and you become accustomed to it over time. The action has a lasting effect like waxing leaving you looking smooth for a few weeks at a time. I have also found a reduction in hair growth over several years.
Depilatory Creams Depilatory creams are a bit messy and despite attempts at disguise still a bit smelly because of the hair dissolving chemicals used. But they are effective at leaving your skin smooth and hair free with no nicks or razor bumps and the smoothness lasts a little longer than shaving as the hair is dissolved a little way below the surface.
Laser Hair Removal Until recently a no-no for dealing with hair yourself but now finally possible due to home laser hair removal machines. Still only for those with deep pockets but worth thinking about.
Electrolysis Another method where you probably get better and quicker results from a professional but a home hair removal machine like a One Touch does make it possible to treat yourself provided you are in the right frame of mind to build in skill and spend the time. These machines are actually low cost but you do have to be careful and go easy so that you don’t damage your skin.

You may need to persevere a bit to find the methods of home hair removal that are right for you. I have certainly tried most things in my time. You might try using one method for under your arms, one for legs and another for your face. If you’re a guy, home hair removal might mean leaving your legs well alone but waxing your chest and getting a friend to help with your back. And then if the first way is not for you try something else. Getting a satisfactory method of home hair removal is all about experimentation.

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