Hair Removal Cream

Depilatory cream, otherwise known as hair removal cream is an easy way to remove hair. Although you must always follow the instructions on the box or enclosed leaflet you generally apply the cream, wait a few minutes, scrape it off with the provided spatula and gently wash the area in lukewarm water and pat dry. Job done!

You can buy hair removal cream everywhere. Common brands are Nair, Veet and Immac and they are pretty similar to each other in terms of price. You can find a whole range, many at a discount HERE

Veet hair removal cream gel

Veet hair removal cream gel CLICK IMAGE for details

Try a few different brands because it will probably be something small which marks out one over another and makes it the best hair removal cream for you – things like the packaging, familiarity with the brand, how the cream, gel or lotion is applied or the fragrance (which is meant to disguise the pungent smell of the chemical which all these hair removal creams use although it rarely does a complete job on this).

Different Formulas

You can use these hair removal products on most parts of your body – check the packaging but depilatory creams are generally great for underarms, legs, chest, back, bikini line and face – pretty much everywhere. You don’t need to buy a special bikini hair removal cream or hair removal creme for legs.  However you may find special formulations for facial hair – an area which is a bit more sensitive than others and some manufacturers will package up a product for use on specific areas to give them an edge (although it is often the same stuff  inside).

Likewise the formula is generally not any different for removing male hair or female hair but you might find special hair removal cream for men which is packaged and perfumed differently to appeal to those looking for male hair removal products.

Patch Sensitivity Test

Before you use your chosen product for the first time always do a patch test to check for sensitivity and adverse reactions to the formula. It should tell you to do this in the instructions. It’s better to spend an extra five minutes the first time you use it and be safe rather than sorry – this is particularly important for facial hair removal cream for obvious reasons.

Any Disadvantages of Hair Removal Cream?

  • It’s easy to forget to check the time when you apply it and then end up guessing and leaving it on too long or taking it off too soon. Remember to take a timer into the bathroom when you use your depilatory cream
  • It’s also a bit boring waiting for the whole process to work. Five minutes standing around can seem like an age. Remember and take a magazine with you
  • The smell of these products is quite distinctive  – no matter how well the manufacturer has perfumed the cream, here is still a smell that lingers after you have used the product (not on you thankfully just around the bathroom)
  • Your skin may be a bit sensitive after use so don’t plan on using perfumes or deodorants immediately after removing your hair with depilatory cream.
  • The hair is destroyed just below the surface of the skin and not at the root so this is a temporary hair removal method and you have to keep using your hair removal cream every few days if you want to maintain smooth skin. However you will find that regrowth is slight less stubbly and fast than shaving.

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