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If you’re looking for the perfect facial hair remover you may have been looking a long time. There are none of them perfect. I have seen a lot of unwanted facial hair removal products, both permanent and temporary, in my time reviewing products here, however for some reason I have not come across the REM spring facial hair remover until today and judging by the customer reviews I may have been missing a trick.

Traditional Facial Hair Removal Methods

If you have unwanted facial hair you’re not alone – this problem affects more than 15% of women. It’s pretty distressing but there as more ways to get rid of hair on your face than you can shake a stick at so it’s certainly not an insurmountable problem – there’s no need to get depressed about it. You can do something about it!

Of course all methods of facial hair removal have their disadvantages (doesn’t everything) but just in case you haven’t tried them all and despaired of finding the right method for you I’ll just run through all the traditional remedies for getting rid of facial hair before taking a closer look at the new REM product.

REM Spring Facial Hair Remover

REM Spring Facial Hair Remover - a new and better method of removing unwanted facial hair?

Shaving – For men only unless you want to start developing a five o’clock shadow. Ladies, do not shave your facial hair ever again. There are plenty of better ways to deal with female facial hair.

Depilatory creams and lotions – You can buy special facial hair removal creams which you may want to use on the sensitive skin here instead of your regular depilatory cream. These are easy to use, fast and work like a charm. Only disadvantage is that the hair is “dissolved” just below the skin surface and so you’ll see regrowth within a few days at which point you have to repeat the treatment.

Plucking with tweezers – Tweezing is great for the odd stray hair (and it’s a great method for eyebrows) but difficult (and painful) for a whole mustache or sideburns type problem. It will take you forever but it can be done if you don’t like the other options. Can be difficult to see and get hold of every hair and repeated attempts on each hair mean that the area can get very red and sore. However hairs are pulled from the the root which means regrowth is slower than other temporary methods like hair removal creams.

Bleaching – Bleaching facial hair does not involve removing the hair so it is pain free. You can buy special cream bleach for the face and disguise dark hair by lightening it. Works for many but you may find you end up with a blond mustache which is only slightly less obvious than your dark one depending on the thickness of your hair.

Threading – Facial hair threading is a method which involves trapping hair between two twisted strands of thread and pulling it out. It is now performed on facial hair in a lot of salons (or you can do this yourself if you have the know-how). It’s very fast when carried out by a skilled technician and leaves your face hair free for a few weeks but you do need to set aside money and time for regular salon visits.A bit painful as hairs are pulled out from the root but for some reason seems to be less painful than waxing, probably because fewer hairs are pulled out in one go.

Waxing – Facial waxing is similar to threading however this can be carried out in the salon or at home. At home, consider cold wax strips which are simple to apply. Unfortunately they are still painful to remove (though bearable).

Laser hair removal for the face – Hair can be zapped in one session however you will need repeat visits and if you are looking for permanent facial hair removal this is not perfect as you may be left with some hair which is not permanently removed and grows back. The main disadvantage of this method is the expense as the cost of laser hair removal is high. You will also feel a bit of pain as hair follicles are being destroyed but a topical anesthetic soothing gel may be applied to reduce this.

Electrolysis – This method results in permanent removal of the hair and is the best facial hair removal method for everyone who can afford it and has time for regular appointments. Each hair is treated individually with the insertion of a fine needle at the hair root through which an electric current is passed to kill the hair. As this method relies on precision in terms of where the current is applied and in treating the hair at the right stage in its growth cycle each hair may need to be removed several times. But after a few months to a year you will be permanently free of your facial hair problems.

REM facial hair remover

REM facial hair remover CLICK IMAGE for details

REM Spring Facial Hair Remover – Now if you have worked through these unwanted facial hair removal methods and are not quite happy with any of them for one reason or another you might want to take a look at the REM facial hair remover which seems to be a good choice among the many facial hair removers on the market.

It is like length of spring that you move over your hair removing one or two hairs at a time in fast succession. I guess it’s a bit like threading in that respect which many women swear by but with this device you can take care of facial hair removal in your own home.

You get used to the operation of the device and the sensation quite quickly it seems. (Tip : If you are nervous about trying out a product on your face, practice on your legs first and get the hang of it there!)

I am generally skeptical of products like this as a rule (and with good reason as the scammers are all over the place when it comes to our most distressing problems) but the genuine reviews of buyers of this product are making me think otherwise. It is all the more believable as you see the negative as well as the positive so that you know exactly what you are getting with this unwanted hair remover.

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