Best Bikini Hair Removal Methods

Bikini hair removal – it’s the only way to prevent that nightmare for any well-groomed girl on the beach or in the bedroom – unwanted hair poking out from the legs of your swimsuit or underwear. Bikini line hair removal tidies up the bikini line nicely for whenever you want to look your best with or without your clothes.

So what is the best bikini hair removal method?

Well, as with removing hair from any part of your body, different methods suit different people and purposes. You can tackle your bikini area hair removal in any of the following ways :-

Dare to go bare with bikini line hair removal

Dare to go bare with bikini line hair removal

Laser Hair Removal – Bikini Line

This will cost you in time and money and (if you’re the shy type) embarrassment as you lie there and have the hair removed from your nether regions. But don’t worry the laser technicians are used to doing these procedures and have seen it all before. Laser bikini hair removal is a little painful (like being pinged with elastic bands) but each session will be fairly fast. You will however need several sessions to permanently remove most of the hair and probably top up sessions to deal with any stubborn regrowth.

Bikini Line Waxing

Now this has got to be one of the most painful experiences a girl can go through depending how much hair you want to remove. A few wisps from around the top of your legs is one thing while a full Brazilian bikini hair removal job leaving only a “landing strip” is quite another. Don’t attempt this with a home waxing kit unless you know you will have courage to pull off those strips (and in any case have a professional treatment first so you know what you are letting yourself in for).

Again, with a professional bikini line wax you need to be able to face the embarrassment of lying there with all on display while the beautician gets on with removing your hair. But again she should put you at your ease and you should not be exposed for any longer than necessary.

You will need to go through this painful process every 4 to 6 weeks if you want to stay well groomed with this method of hair removal.

Bikini Hair Removal Cream

Using a product like Veet or Nair hair removal cream or lotion is one of the easiest ways to remove bikini line hair and thankfully, for once, it is a painless method.

Simply follow the directions on the packaging, smearing on the cream, waiting a few minutes, wiping off and you’re done. And in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Only trouble with this method is that you do have to redo the process over and over as hair regrowth is quite quick. And it can be quite difficult to shape the hair as nicely as you can with bikini line waxing. It’s just not as accurate in terms of application.

Bikini line Shaving

This method of bikini line hair removal can be done with care but generally it’s not a great way to remove hair from the bikini line as this is an awkward area to shave yourself. (Use a mirror and a lot of care if you attempt this). You also have the problem of prickly, stubbly regrowth which can cause a lot of irritation.

As you can see, bikini hair removal products and methods each have their drawbacks. If you don’t want to go “natural” then you need to make a choice. Of course, the sophisticates among us will pop off to the beauty salon to have their bikini line hair waxed on an regular basis without batting an eyelid and simply grin and bear the pain or they will pay up for laser hair removal. If you’re not so sure, see if bikini line hair removal cream suits you before trying one of the more expensive (and painful) methods of bikini hair removal.

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