How NOT To Do Your Own Hair Removal In 10 Easy Steps

Hair removal by fire

Smooth legs by fire - not a good idea

This is really not the way to remove hair and get beautifully smooth legs for the summer. A light hearted story by my friend Chloe from Get Set Organize that could have had a less than light hearted ending….

Step 1 – Decide to have a bonfire in your garden to clear tree cuttings and garden weeds.

Step 2 – Pile up the tree cuttings.

Step 3 – Chuck half a bucket of petrol over the pile.

Step 4 – Say “aren’t I always” when your wife says “be careful”.

Step 5 – Get the gas hob lighter, lean over and light.

Step 6 – Jump back as the petrol has run towards your foot and is now ablaze with your foot and leg in it.

Step 7 – Scare your family to death as you jump about for 1 second that seems like 10 minutes as the flash flame dies off.

Step 8 – Wipe your singed leg hairs away with your hand.

Step 9 – Tell everyone it only stings a bit while your family are fussing around you even though but there’s hardly any redness.

Step 10 – Thank your lucky stars.

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