Hair Removal News, Views and Stories

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There’s not much that is truly new in hair removal and most of the “news” out there is from manufacturers and businesses announcing old products and services in a new way, but when there is news we’ll bring it to you and give our view of what’s going on. And we’ll bring you interesting stories too when we come across them.

New Hair Removal Treatments
I am always looking for new hair removal treatments which are easy, quick, permanent and pain free

Hair Remover
My quest for the perfect hair remover. Hair removers often just don’t cut it – a rant

hair removal news

Oh For Some Good News About Hair Removal...

What’s New in Hair Removal Methods?
Sometimes the smallest changes in hair removal methods can make the biggest difference. Find out the latest innovations and techniques.

Another Use for Depilatory Cream…
The world has gone mad when people do this with depilatory cream. Beauty is only fur deep it seems.

Home Hair Removal
An analysis of the various methods of home hair removal available to help you choose the right method or methods for your body and hair type.

Permanent Hair Removal at Home
Permanent hair removal at home is now a distinct possibility. Here are two ways to achieve this goal with the minimum of fuss.

Sex and the City Hair Removal Moment
The bikini line waxing hair removal (or lack of hair removal) scene in Sex in the City. Strays are worse than bare flesh.

Harrison Ford’s Chest Waxing
What stars suffer in the name of charity and why does Harrison Ford wax and not use laser hair removal?

Leg Waxing for Charity Fund raising
Guys often raise money for charity these days with a leg waxing and some of them regret it!

More Ashamed of Unwanted Hair These Days?
There’s no need for perfection when it comes to hair removal. Good grooming is enough.

How NOT to do your own Hair Removal in 10 Easy Steps
A cautionary tale about accidental hair removal from my friend Chloe