General Info on Hair Removal

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This page is a collection of posts with general hair removal information – a kind of “pick and mix” of subjects that don’t fit neatly into any other section on the site.

Soothing Razor Bumps
Recipe for a natural remedy for soothing razor bumps and one that you can just apply from a bottle.

Hair Removal : You’re Not Alone
Most of us want to get rid of hair to improve our looks so if you have hair removal problems you are not alone.

Wherever hair sprouts from, we can help

Wherever hair sprouts from, we can help

Getting married? When to start Hair Removal treatment
You need to start your hair removal treatment well before your wedding. Essential tips.

Hair Removal and Pregnancy
How should you go about looking good and removing hair in pregnancy? Here are some essential tips.

Stop Hair Growth with Tea
There’s a theory from Turkey that spearmint tea is good for regulating the hormones that cause excess hair production.

Hair Removal Through the Winter
Here’s why it’s essential to keep up your hair removal routines through the cold, dark winter months.

Reasons and Treatment for Excessive Hairiness
How to diagnose and treat excessive hair growth when there is an underlying medical cause.

Things to be Thankful For…Hair or No Hair
You would think there would be nothing to be thankful for about unwanted hair but there is always a bright side.

Excess Hair and the Menopause
You may get unwanted hair growing in new places with the onset of the menopause but there are plenty of solutions to get rid of it. There’s no need to suffer.

Hair Removal Scams
You can’t believe every advert you read in hair removal. Many of the claims are wide of the mark so take care before you buy.

Beauty’s Darker Side?
Mainstream beauty books completely ignore the problem of hair removal – one that 80% of us have. You can get all you need to know right here though.

Welcome to the Simply Hair Removal Blog
Welcome and how to get in touch.