The Ultimate Hair Plucker Machine

Plucking is a very effective way of getting rid of individual hairs. It is precise and once you pull the hair out, you generally don’t see any regrowth of the hair you removed for a few weeks. However, pulling out hairs one at a time, unless you are talking about a tiny area like shaping your eyebrows or a few hairs on your chin, is too time consuming, . Imagine if you had to pull out every hair on your legs one by one. You really need a machine that will do this for you. Enter the ultimate hair plucker machine, also known as an epilator.

Some epilators work with spinning disks or coils to trap the hair, but others have multiple sets of tweezers to pluck hair as you move them over your skin. When you pull out one hair at a time with tweezers, it is quite painful, so you imagine with an epilator it will be many times more painful, but somehow it isn’t. Of course, you will feel a bit sore as you move the epilator over your unwanted hair but many epilators have built in pain reduction devices such as a massage head or cooling device which soothes your skin as it goes.

Braun 5180 Silk-Epil X'elle Easy Start Epilator

Braun 5180 Silk-Epil X'elle Easy Start Epilator
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Also you will find that you get used to the process and often hair gets weaker the more you use your epilator so that if you persevere you won’t mind epilating your legs at all, especially as it means that a 10 minute session will give you smooth, hair free legs for a few weeks.

It is a bit like waxing in that respect. The first time is more painful than any other time. Unlike waxing, however, you don’t have to make any appointments at a salon for this or pay for expensive treatments – so you can have smooth legs AND a new dress. And epilators tend to last a long time – my first lasted well over 10 years and my second is still going strong after 5 so they are great value for money.

Sometimes I have seen manufacturers offer a money back guarantee so that if you don’t like your chosen hair removal machine, you can get your money back. It’s their way of getting you to try something that sounds painful. But my advice is to give an epilator a try no matter how painful you think it sounds and definitely not to give up and get your money back after trying it once. You have to persevere a bit and you’ll learn to love this method of hair removal.

If you find using an epilator a bit sore, you don’t need to tackle large areas straight away. Just do a small section of your legs every day – even if you just focus on a two inch square you’ll soon get your whole leg completed. Once you’ve done that carry on epilating every week so that only the few hairs that were in a resting phrase need to be removed. You’ll find that much easier and faster than your initial session with your epilator. Week by week the process will get easier and easier. After a few months of having completely smooth legs like that with no mess and no fuss, you will be hooked.

There are quite a few epilators on the market right now. You will find a great selection here at a discount and with free shipping. Pick your “ultimate hair plucker machine” after reading the reviews there.

If I was choosing a new one for a beginner today it would be the Braun Silk Epil X’elle Easy Start Epilator but that may change as new models come out all the time, and most of these hair removal machines work effectively so it would be best to read the current reviews. Just a word of caution if you do, some of these buyers seem to be gluttons for punishment, epilate their most painful areas first with the highest setting and still love their machine! Don’t let them put you off and if you haven’t epilated before start on your legs, rather than the most sensitive areas like the underarms…

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