Best Electrolysis Machines to Use at Home

Electrolysis is the only method of removing hair permanently for everyone. While laser hair removal can cause a significant reduction in hair growth, it does not work well for those with dark skin or light hair, and in many cases top up treatments are required to deal with regrowth. The problem with electrolysis is how slow it is. To clear an area of any size of unwanted hair can take many months of treatment. Each hair has to be treated with the electrolysis probe individually and it will only kill the hair if the hair is in the right stage of growth and the probe hits the hair follicle in the right place and with enough current to kill it.

Because it is such a slow process, electrolysis can be expensive. The cost of all those treatments mounts up and it can be pretty inconvenient to get to all the appointments too, especially if you have a busy job or young kids or both. As a result, it can be a practical alternative to use an electrolysis machine at home.

V2R Electrolysis Machine

V2R Micro Probe Electrolysis Machine
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But what are the best electrolysis machines to use?

The main thing to look for in a machine for home use, is the way the procedure is performed. There are some manufacturers which produce an “at home electrolysis machine” but when you read how it is supposed to work, it is entirely different from the machines which professionals use. Avoid these products because they do not work. They are often described as painless or pain-free. This is a bad sign. If you cannot have effective professional electrolysis without pain, then you can’t achieve the same at home either.

Most of the ineffective machines are supposed to work by gripping each hair with electric tweezers and then applying the current. The current is supposed to travel down the hair to the root and kill it after you grip the hair for a number of seconds. Believe me, no hairs will be killed and you will waste a lot of precious time trying and wondering where you are going wrong. There are some quite expensive machines in this category such as the Aavexx 300 or 349 range and the Vector Electrolysis System too. You will not get great results from these despite the expense.

The best electrolysis machines work like professional machines.

The professional machines always have a probe which you insert beside the hair follicle and the current is passed down the probe to reach the root of the hair where it is needed. To get the best electrolysis at home, your machine needs to do that too. There are machines at all price ranges. If you are on a very low budget the best home electrolysis machine is the One Touch which is less than $50 but there are also machines which are more robust and closer to professional machines such as the V2R Professional Electrolysis System for Permanent Hair Removal. The latter will set you back a few hundred dollars though.

Actually I would start with the One touch and see if you have the patience for the whole process before you go spending a lot on a more professional machine. It takes practice to learn to perform electrolysis effectively and you may find that you give up before you get anywhere if you are not highly motivated to get rid of your unwanted hair for good. Also, don’t start on your face. Electrolysis is one of the best means of getting rid of facial hair but if you are not careful with your machine and use too high a setting you may damage your skin a bit and you can better do that on your leg than your face.

In fact, many professional electrologists are reluctant to work on their own faces as it is difficult to get the angle right for inserting the probe. Again it is a case of how motivated you are and prepared to practice and take care to do things slowly whether you will be ultimately successful even if you own one of the best electrolysis machines.

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