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The main site has a lot of information on Electrolysis so you may want to use that as you first port of call. After that here are a number of blog posts with additional information.

Is Hair Electrolysis the Best Permanent Solution?
Hair electrolysis is the best permanent solution in some cases but definitely not all. Check out if it is right for dealing with unwanted hair in your case.

Finally Free Hair Removal System Review
It sounds like a great idea – home electrolysis with no pain and permanent hair removal but does the Finally Free hair removal system actually work?

Electrolysis on the face

Electrolysis on the face

One Touch Electrolysis
One Touch electrolysis system review. This home electrolysis system may not be right for you for a number of reasons. Read before you buy!

Electrolysis Machine
The best home electrolysis machine. What I think of using a home electrolysis machine and the only one that I know works.

Home Electrolysis Hair Removal
Should you be considering home electrolysis hair removal? In certain circumstances it may be right although it’s not for everyone

Electrolysis Services
The factors to consider when choosing electrolysis services so that you are in the best possible hands and get rid of your hair as quickly as possible

Flocking back to Electrolysis
Electrolysis is enjoying renewed popularity because laser hair removal does not always have the desired results.

Best Electrolysis Machines to Use at Home
If you’re going to buy a home electrolysis machine make sure that it works like those that professional electrologists use.