Depilatory Creams

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Depilatory creams (aka hair removal creams and lotions) offer a simple hair removal method that most people know about. You’ll find information on the main site about removing hair with depilatory creams and here are the posts you’ll find on the blog exploring this old as the hills yet still effective hair removal method.

Veet for Men
Veet for men is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair – here are your options from the range and how best to use them.

Depilatory Cream : the Best and Worst
Depilatory cream is a great way of removing unwanted hair but which creams are best for you?

Revitol Hair Removal Cream
Revitol hair removal cream claims to both remove hair and inhibit regrowth but does it work and is it worth the cost?

nair cocoa butter hair removal lotion

Nair cocoa butter hair removal lotion

Nair Hair Removal
Nair hair removal products include lotions, creams and waxes. Find out what is available and how to choose the right Nair hair remover for you.

Hair Removal Cream
Hair removing cream is an easy way to remove hair but there are some disadvantages. Find out why it’s still good and the best hair removal creams for you.