Bikini Hair Removal

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If you want to look good without any clothes on or in beautiful underwear, skimpy bikinis or swim wear, it’s a great idea to tidy up your bikini line and get rid of any hair down there which tends to sprout in places where you don’t want it sprouting. You’ll find lots of information on removing hair from the bikini line on the main site : see Pubic Hair removal and Bikini Line Shaping. Here are the additional posts you’ll find on the blog.

Brazilian Hair Removal
The two best ways of tackling Brazilian hair removal (if you dare).

Best Bikini Hair Removal Methods
The best bikini hair removal methods to look good on the beach. But which method is the right one for you?

Bikini Waxing 101
Personal accounts of bikini waxing which will help you understand the whole hair removal process and put you at ease when you go to the salon for an intimate waxing procedure.

bikini line hair removal

Dare to go bare with bikini line hair removal

The Politics of Bikini Line Waxing
Everything is a political statement these days including the state of your bikini line.

DIY Bikini Waxing
You will save a lot of money with DIY bikini waxing but is it worth the saving? Perhaps you will be better off going to the professionals.

Bikini Wax not without risks
You can get a serious infection for a procedure like a bikini wax if the clinic you choose is not scrupulously clean. Make sure you select your clinic wisely.

Bikini Wax Bars
Are bikini wax bars really such a good idea? It’s not like getting your nails done!

Bikini Waxing Essential to Be Sexy?
True love was never thwarted by the lack of Brazilian waxing so why put yourself through that pain?