Hair Removal Help

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There can’t be many of us who don’t have some kind of hair growing where we don’t want it. This is a blog about hair removal.

Whereas the main part of the site (home page here) has information about every way to remove hair and about the best ways to get rid of it from every part of the body in an easy-to-find format, the blog is more a selection of information about all kinds of hair removal topics, which supplements the main site.

This page is meant to be a guide to help you hone in on the best bits, so you can quickly find all the useful stuff you need to know about a particular hair removal method or problem. If you don’t find what you are looking for please ask. You can contact me, Veronique, here at Simply Hair Removal and I’ll do my best to help you with your issue and get you on your way to resolving your hair removal problems for once and for all.

Hair Removal Problems

Don't despair about hair removal problems. We're here to help.

Anyway, here’s where you’ll find the hair removal information you need to know on the blog. This has been put together over more than five years and is still growing as processes and hair removal products improve and develop.

Hair Removal Methods

You’ll find up to date information presented here on every method here. If you are not sure which method to choose take a look at the various hair removal methods. The table at that link will be a useful comparison to start you off.

Be aware that you probably need more than one method as different methods are appropriate for different parts of your body. And you may change your preferences over time so keep reviewing what you are doing unless you opt for getting rid of the hair permanently in which case you don’t need to think about it again.

On the main site you find sections on each method and you’ll find more information on the following methods on the blog

  • laser hair removal – the method of the moment but is it the method for you and what about home laser hair removal which is now a real possibility
  • electrolysis – has lost it’s popularity a bit due to the faster more attractive idea of zapping your hair with lasers but it still has its good points and maybe it is the process for you
  • depilatory creams – much improved over the years (especially as far as fragrance goes) and still a good solution for many
  • waxing – whether you have professional waxing in a salon or take a do it yourself approach you’ll find all you need to know

and you’ll also find information here on suitable methods to choose for each part of your body including

  • facial hair removal – no girl wants a mustache and hairy chin so you’ll find every method you can use to get rid of the hair from your face
  • body hair removal – get rid of your hairy back so that you look good on the beach and show off your pecs with smooth look
  • leg hair removal – beautiful smooth legs to show off – easy methods to keep them hair free and looking good
  • underarm hair removal – unless you have the confidence of Julia Roberts in a ball gown on the red carpet you’ll want to get rid of that hair before you wear a sleeveless top.
  • bikini hair removal – wear the skimpiest swimsuit with confidence

Hair Removal Products

The best and frankly the worst of the hair removal products that are on the market. Products comes and (and in some cases thankfully) go all the time. We keep you up to date with what is new and review products you might think about buying so you can see if you are wasting your money. A lot of the product information out there is created by companies with a vested interest in trying to get you to buy their stuff. When you read anything on the web, you need to keep that in mind. We do use advertising on this blog to help support the website and if you click links to other sites we may get a small commission that helps keep this website free for everyone. What you will not find here is any recommendation for a product that is biased by that. If something is rubbish we’ll tell you about it. If a hair removal product has drawbacks and limitations you can rely on us to tell you that too.

Hair Removal News, Views and Stories

The Hair Removal News section has all the interesting news with a hair removal angle with discoveries from science, social trends and more, as well as views and opinions plus rants and stories from around the globe.

General Hair Removal Information

Information about hair removal in general and about other methods and parts of the body that don’t warrant a whole section to themselves.